Radically Changing Healthcare

We believe in a direct-to-patient approach to healthcare. We’re elevating the healthcare experience through telehealth, and provide our patients a transparent, convenient and cost-effective platform to access the quality medical care, prescription medications and OTC products they need.

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Our Mission

LifeMD is a leading direct-to-patient telehealth company leveraging deep expertise in medicine, technology and marketing to elevate healthcare.

To make it honest, affordable, timely, and easy.

LifeMD exists to help patients, getting them the care and medications they need while helping them navigate the changing world of medicine. Our purpose is to transform healthcare into something that is patient-centric, transparent, affordable and convenient.

Already, we have treated more than 427,000 patients via our telehealth services and product lines, which include Shapiro MD, Rex MD and Nava MD. But these are just steps toward creating a platform that will span many different medical conditions and indications. We are building a comprehensive healthcare experience that offers primary care, gives patients direct contact with their personal physicians, responds quickly to their concerns, centralizes and leverages their medical histories, and meets their needs in the areas that most impact their quality of life.

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About LifeMD

LifeMD is an emerging leader in technology driven healthcare. We’re applying our direct-to-consumer marketing expertise to make access to quality care and medication convenient, cost-effective, and simple. Our brands are intensely focused on our patients, constantly striving to deliver a better end-to-end healthcare experience through technology. Our mission is to improve the health and happiness of our patients through telehealth.